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The private investment company Engelsing Beleggingen B.V. was established in 1980.

“Engelsing Beleggingen, a healthy organisation with knowledge, experience, decisiveness and a wide network.”


R.A.H. (Rolf) Engelsing established the real estate agency with the same name in 1976. He turned it into one of the largest, nationally known real estate agencies in the region with more than 100 employees.

Engelsing Makelaars enjoyed national fame in the investment market for real estate and as a real estate agency they were market leader in shops, offices, business objects, houses and investment property. Attention to customers, reliability, team spirit, ambition, market leadership and craftmanship were key values within Engelsing Makelaars that have contributed to the success.

The partnership in Dynamis Makelaars Nederland was also a great added value for the office.


In 2004, Engelsing sold his company to the Meeùs Group. Rolf Engelsing continued with a real estate portfolio, which was called “Engelsing Beleggingen”.  But what is in your blood does not go away and soon real estate brokerage for Investment property was part of the service again. Meanwhile, the real estate specialist now has a permanent position in the market. With business premises, offices, shops and houses, Engelsing is strongly represented.

Of course we work throughout the Netherlands, but our extensive knowledge of the Arnhem region is unique.


Our team


Unique Selling Points Engelsing Beleggingen
  • Optimal regional and local knowledge of Arnhem and the surrounding area
  • Unique national network
  • Pragmatic and transparent approach
  • Expert and professional market approach and reports
  • Small team with short lines
  • Always professional accessibility
  • We are happy to work with you
  • We pay attention to you

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