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In addition to operating for the own portfolio, Engelsing Beleggingen also selectively performs work for third parties.

For decades real estate has been a fixed and secure investment. In recent years property investment has increased in popularity, partly due to the low interest rate, but also due to the proved value retention. This translates itself into the ever-growing number of relationships that come to Engelsing Beleggingen.

Engelsing Beleggingen acts on behalf of the buyer or seller and enthusiastically represents the interests of the customer. We do this fully independently and we use our current business knowledge for you. The customer always comes first for the team of Engelsing Beleggingen. We can use our years of experience, expertise and an extensive, relevant client network.

We guarantee a correct estimate of the value and return. Obviously, you can count on 100% discretion. For an optimal advice you have come to the right address.

Engelsing Beleggingen is a solid company and either works for its own portfolio or for you and this in full transparency and crystal clear.

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Our advisors:

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